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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

The Wildcat
German | 1921 | 86min | 35mm | Drama | Musical


Calcutta - 1962 - is a city pulsing with life. And this exotic locale serves as the perfect back**drop** for the tender, ageless love story about to unfold. Lolita, a young girl orphaned at an early age, is sent to live with her uncle’s family, where destiny introduces her to a young boy: Shekhar, a budding musician and son of an affluent businessman. Through childhood and adolescence, Lolita and Shekhar develop a deep friendship that gradually turns into love. It takes the arrival of an outsider, Girish, for them to discover their true feelings for each other. But their innocent love is overshadowed by greed, deception and malicious intent. Events twist and turn beyond their control and spin around them in a maze of suspicion and misunderstandings...

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Ernst Lubitsch

Ernst Lubitsch was born in 1892 in Germany. He was one of the leading filmmakers of the 1910''s German Expressionism and his earlier work < Madame DuBarry > (1919) opened the new era of German cinema. However he is best known for his elegant, witty, and flamboyant comedies of 1920''s Hollywood. His romantic comedies were witty, full of rich dialogues, and sophisticated. And his satirical visual style won both critical and financial success, and it led to the birth of the famous phrase ''The Lubitsche Touch''.