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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

The Sound of Silents
Germany/Czech Republic | 2005 | 80min | 35mm | Documentary | Musical


Willy Sommerfeld is the last remaining original silent film pianist who dates back to the very **begin**nings of cinema. His music becomes the protagonist of the film and a testimony to his great talent, and is thus preserved for posterity. This film is not meant as a mere biographical portrait, but rather as the sensitive portrayal of a man who has remained true to himself.

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Ilona Ziok

was born in Gliwice/Poland and emigrated to England in 1968. She studied in New York, Moscow and Frankfurt from 1975-1982. Also active as a writer and producer, her films include the documentaries < Der zweite Sieg des Jurij Vlasov >(1989), < Du mein Kazimierz, Shalom >(1990), < Wo ist die Strasse, wo ist das Haus >(1993), < Die Reise nach Tunesien: Psychisch Kranke machen Urlaub >(1993), < Kurt Gerrons Karussell >(1999), < The Count and the Comrade >(2003-2005), and < The Sounds of Silents >(2005).