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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Plein Soleil
France/Italy | 1960 | 112min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Overwhelmed by the temptation of money, Tom Ripley kills rich friend Phillip for his fortune and his beloved Marge. However, his evil deed eventually comes to surface. Full of suspense, Plein Soleil is one of the most famous films by Rene´ Cle´ment and it delivered Alain Delon to huge international stardom. Nino Rota’s tune is an all-time-loved film score. Marie Laforet is also worth seeing as the fine attractive singer, Marge.

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Rene Clement

Rene Clement (1913~1996) studied Architecture in college and started his career with documentary filmmaking. After < La Bataille du Rail >(1945), a film about French resistance during WW2 and a winner of Palm d''Or at Cannes Film Festival, he received international acclaim with such masterpiece as < Jeux Interdits > and < Gervaise > (1956). Since the worldwide success of < Plein Soleil >, Clement has also directed several great crime films.