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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

8 1/2
Italy/France | 1963 | 138min | 35mm | Drama | Musical


After eight feature films, Federico Fellini finally made 8 1/2 in 1963. This‘ fi l m - a b o u t - f i l m ’ masterpiece portrays his experiments of reflecting on his own fantasy from his youth. Nino Rota, who worked with Fellini on many of his previous films, incorporates original scores from a road troupe that proved as inspiration to Fellini, as well as other great classical pieces.

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Federico Fellini

Born in 1920, Federico Fellini sometimes followed the street troupe in his youth. With more than 20 films from < Luci del Varieta >(1950) to < La Voce della Luna >(1990), Fellini is one of the most famous filmmakers of not only Italian cinema but of cinema itself. Since < La Strada >, a film that gave him huge international acclaim, he has produced works such as < La Dolce Vita >, < 8 2/1 >, < Casanova >, < Amarcord and E la Nave Va > and has always been in the center of attention of critics. Four of his films won the Best Foreign Language Film of Academy Awards, and he won the Honorary Award in 1993.

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