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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Daniel and the Superdogs
Canada | 2004 | 102min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


A touching, intelligent and sensitive film about overcoming adversity with the help of men’s best friends. 11-year-old Daniel is a latchkey child who often struggles with a feeling of abandonment after his mother died two years ago. His father, Marc, on the other hand is a workaholic who has little time for his son. Thankfully, Danny can count on his buddies Colin and William. With their help, he trains a dog for the next Superdogs competition. Along the way he wins the friendship of a girl his age and regains attention and affection from his father.

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A leading figure in Quebec cinema for more than 30 years, writer, director and actor Andre MelanCon has earned a reputation for the quality children''s films he has directed over the years. He achieved international renown with the features < The Dog Who Stoppped the War >(1984) and < Bach and Broccoli >(1986), and < Summer of the Colt >(1991). These films were honored at numerous film festivals around the world. MelanCon has also worked extendively in television, directing several exceptional sereies, including < Cher Olivier > and < Ces Enfants d''ailleurs II>. His television work also includes a memorable adaptation of Michel Tremblay''s play [ Albertine en cinq Temps ].