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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Channels of Rage
Israel | 2003 | 72min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


A patriotic Zionist rapper Subliminal and a nationalist Arab rapper Tamer use the power of words and music to state aloud what politicians can’t seem to put into words. Finally, the two are forced into verbal debates, **begin**ning at rap shows and ending with night time encounters. Channels of R a g e, shot over 3 years, is a journey documenting the two poets of wrath in a violent and hopeless time.

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Anat Halachmi

is a freelance writer on cultural subjects. She produced and researched for the book/television series < The Melting Pot Cuisine > about 12 Israeli families from different ethnic origins, documenting their cuisine. This year she wrote, directed and produced the documentary < Channels of Rage >, about the rappers Subliminal and Tamer Nafer, which took the BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2003.