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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Beauty and the Bastard
Finland | 2005 | 102min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Nelli is on her way to medical school, even though she daydreams about a career as a singer. Sune is a talented hip-hop DJ who’s afraid of women. To prove to his friends otherwise, he makes a bet that he can get Nelli in bed. His friends don’t believe a looker like her would even spit Sune’s way. However, Nelli sees an opportunity to make a free demo tape for an audition with the record companies. Unexpectedly, as they use each other, they fall for each other.

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Dome Karukoski

is a 28-year old first-time director. < Beauty and the Bastard > is his thesis work for the filmmaking department at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Dome has directed short films, music videos and approximately 100 TV commercials. Born and raised in Cyprus until he reached school age, Dome’s mother is a Swedish-speaking Finn and his father American, and because of them he’s spent considerable time in the United States and in Sweden.