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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Turkey | 2004 | 123min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Arif is a typical Turkish bloke selling carpets to tourists in Western Turkey. He is also obsessed with creating fake pictures of UFO’s. One day he is suddenly kidnapped by real aliens from the planet G.O.R.A. He doesn’t take it seriously, but once he gets bored, he wants to escape. A hilarious adventure ensues as Arif tries to outwit the evil commander-in-chief of the planet of G.O.R.A.

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Ouml;mer Faruk Sorak

was born in Ankara in 1964, and graduated from the Journalism School of Ankara University. He started his career as an assistant cameraman working at the Turkish National Radio and Television (TRT) and worked as a cameraman in documentaries and TV dramas. In 1997, he launched his own production company and produced many commercials, music videos, television programs, documentaries and movies. Also worked as the visual director for Mustafa Altioklar’s < The Elevator>. Sorak first achieved commercial success with < Vizontele>, which he co-directed with Yilmaz Erdogan.