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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Arena: Dylan in the Madhouse
UK | 2005 | 65min | Documentary | Musical


21 year old Bob Dylan visited frosty, grey London for the first time in 1962 to take part in a BBC broadcast, having never left America before. He sang four songs including the first ever broadcast of Blowin’in the Wind. The BBC wiped the play in 1968 and it’s become the Holy Grail of missing Dylan archive. Arena goes in search of it, exploring the bizarre story of Bob Dylan’s first time in London.

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Anthony Wall

Anthony Wall has worked as the chief director and editor on BBC’s art program Arena since 1979. Arena has received many awards at numerous key international broadcasting festivals such as The Orange British Academy Film Awards, Prix Italia, International Emmy Awards and Royal Television Society. He has also co-produced TV program No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005) with acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese.