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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Arena: Bob Dylan''s Legends - Rubin ''Hurricane'' Carter
UK | 2005 | 15min | Documentary | Musical


From the American folk singer Woody Guthrie to boxer Rubin‘H u r r i c a n e’Carter, over the years, Dylan has written songs that capture his fascination with the stories and lives of real people - past or present. Bob Dylan’s Legendsfocuses on four of these people and tells the true story of each of those individuals, with Dylan’s song as its musical theme.

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Jane Price

Jane Price has worked at the BBC for 10 years, starting as a Broadcast Journalist and continuity announcer for BBC Wales. She has recently branched out into television. Her first directing project, the result of winning a BBC film bursary, is a 5 minute short set in Chile and currently showing at international film festivals. She works for BBC’s award-winning flagship arts program, Arena, where she directed for its Dennis Potter Season. < Bob Dylan’s Legends: Rubin ''Hurricane'' Carter > is her most recent film.