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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

12 Tangos ? Adios Buenos Aires
Germany | 2005 | 90min | 35mm | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


12 Tangos - Adios Buenos Aires tells the story of several tangueros in crisis-ridden Buenos Aires. When the tango was **create**d, their grandparents, who had come from Italy and Spain, were among the millions of immigrants, stranded at the Rio de la Plata. Today, their grandchildren are heading in the opposite direction: back to Europe. 12 Tangosnarrates the story of crisis and immigration - and connects the sentiments of its protagonists with the music, the lyrics and the dance steps of the tango.

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Arne Birkenstock

writer and filmmaker, was born in 1967. Since 1994 as a freelancer for several public television stations in Germany he has written and directed countless short films and several documentaries. Birkenstock is a specialist in the tango topic. The first edition of his book about the tango was sold within three weeks. More than 20,000 copies have been sold so far in Germany and Netherlands. < 12 Tangos ? Adios Buenos Aires> is Arne Birkenstock first feature length documentary.