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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

This is Bossa Nova
Brazil | 2005 | 129min | 35mm | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


This Is Bossa Nova is the story of Bossa Nova, the Brazilian music born in the early fifties that would attain definite international recognition in 1962 with the memorable concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Telling the story of two great living composers, Roberto Menescal and Carlos Lyra, the film focuses on rhythm, lyrics, harmony, the seating arrangement and the beat, with depositions by authors and thinkers dedicated to the Bossa Nova culture.

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Paulo Thiago

Paulo Thiago is founder of ABRACI, the Brazilian Association for Directors.He has made and written a number of 10 feature films, including < Maters of the Land >(1970) and < The Duel >(1974). In 1989, Paulo Thiago won Best Director at the Trieste Festival, Italy for < The Long Haul >, based on the Oswaldo Franca Jr.''s novel. < Uner One Roof >(1993) was selected to represent Brazil in the Chicago, London, Huelva Spain, Troia Portugal, Cartagena Colombia, Havana and Washington Film Festivals. He is currently working on < Children''s Orchestra>, a feature film based on a true story.