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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

The Last Bandoneon
Argentina/Venezuela | 2004 | 90min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


Marina, making hardly a living by playing the bandoneon in buses and subways, attends an audition, and Rodolfo Mederos, who is organizing a typical Tango orchestra with young musicians, invites her to join the new orchestra. There is one condition however: she will have to replace her instrument with a Double A, the Stradivarius of bandoneons. Meeting various obstacles, can she finally get the instrument and join the orchestra?

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Alejandro Saderman

Born in Argentina, Saderman started a film career as a director of short films. In 1990, Invitation to Dance earned him an award for best documentary director. In 1993 under his own company ASP, Saderman directed his first feature film, Knocks at My Door, which garnered numerous national and international awards. Reestablished in Argentina in 2003, he co-produced and directed The Last Bandoneon, a feature docu-fiction on Tango music.