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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Lift to the Scaffold
France | 1957 | 92min | 35mm | Drama | Musical


After Julien Tavernier, in love with Florence Carala, murders her husband, he is accidentally trapped in the lift. In the meantime, Louis passing himself off as Julien, murders a man, and Florence, who mistakenly thinks that Julien has betrayed her, reports Julien as a murder suspect to the police but finally finds out Louis is a real criminal. The murder plot is, however, eventually discovered through photographs including evidence that Julien and Louis are the murderers at their respective crimes. Florence chants her love on the sad sound of a trumpet. It is the only film in which Miles Davis was in charge of the film soundtrack. Miles Davis, who visited France at that time to hold a Cool Jazz concert, composed film music over two days and recorded only for 4 hours on his 20-day-Europe tour. There is also an episode in which, while watching rushes of the film he played improvisaiton. As these recording sessions were performed together with European jazz musicians including Barney Wilen, Rene Urtreger and Pierre Michelot, it is remembered as a very meaningful work in the history of jazz. Along with Louis Malle’s elaborate direction and Jeanne Moreau and Lino Ventura’s excellent psychological detailed performances, Miles’ hazily lingering trumpet sound is unforgettably the most touching.

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Louis Malle

One of France''s most renowned directors, Louis Malle first gained recognition as a member of his country''s New Wave movement of the 1950s. A graduate of IDHEC, Malle directed his first feature in 1957. International recognition came the next year with < Les Amants>. By the time of his death from cancer in 1995, Malle was hailed for his invaluable contributions to both French and world cinema. His selected films include (1963), (1971) and (1974). (1978), (1980), (1987) and (1992).

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