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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Saving Jazz
UK | 2006 | 59min | 35mm | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


Since Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans in August 2005, music also seemed to die away in the hometown of jazz. Jazz photographer Leonard Herman lost thousands of his photos due to floods. 83-year-old Herman, at that time, had taken photos of a number of jazz artists including Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra and most of his photos were at his house in New Orleans. After the hurricane had passed by, he went back home but what welcomed him was the soaked and drenched photos and framed photos destroyed except for only the center. It was in that moment that his youth, devoted to the photos of jazz artists, is thoroughly taken away but what he is more concerned about is that ‘Music and spirit of New Orleans might disappear.’ Leonard Herman finally decides to move his archive to California but he comes back to take photos of the hard times New Orleans people go through in order to reactivate music.

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Leslie Woodhead

Leslie Woodhead is one of Britain’s most experienced documentary filmmakers, and winner of many international awards. From the early 1970s, he pioneered the development of dramatized documentary on British Television. From the mid-80s, he developed a successful strand of dramatized documentaries with HBO. His major documentary works include: (1969), (1980), series (1974-1991), (1999), (1999), (2005)

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