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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Munyeodo: a Shaman\''s Story
Korea | 1972 | 110min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Mo-hwa, a tightrope walker’s daughter, bears a child fathered by the son of Choi, a local nobleman. Choi, infuriated, kills Mo-hwa’s father, while Mo-hwa, barely escaping death, goes through life’s ordeals to become a shaman. She leaves her son, Wuk, at a temple and adopts Nang, a mute, whom she will make her successor. Years later, Wuk grown up now, finds Mo-hwa but, as a Christian, he is perplexed by his mother. Nang and Wuk are drawn to each other and their forbidden love finally crosses the line. When Mo-hwa tries to make Nang a shaman through a rite, Wuk intervenes, confessing that he is a Christian, and together with Nang, he leaves his mother. Director Choi Ha-won, having already displayed his talent in adapting novels to films with his 1969 film , made another literature-adapted film from Kim Dong-ri’s same-titled novel of 1972. The conflict between characters in a collision of shamanism and Christianity is superbly depicted in this film. The heroine Yoon Jung-hee won Best Actress at the 18th Asia Pacific Film Festival.

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Choi Ha-won

Born in Seoul, 1937, Choi Ha-won graduated from Yonsei University with B.A. in Korean Literature. With his debut film (1968), he won two local Best New Director awards and critical acclaim. Through literary films such as (1969), (1972) and he constantly dealt with theological themes. He also served as board member of Korean Film Council and professor at Korean Academy of Film Arts.

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