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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

The Future Is Unwritten: Joe S
UK | 2006 | 120min | 35mm | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


As the front man for the Clash, the preeminent British punk rock band along with the Sex Pistols, from 1977 onwards Joe Strummer kickstarted the punk movement and transformed culture forever with his songs filled with jagged satire and sharp politics. Five years after his death in 2002, his influence continues to permeate throughout contemporary music more strongly than ever before. Julien Temple, a British filmmaker fascinated by 1970s punk culture, has directed many music films including (1986), (1989), (2006) as well as three films about the Sex Pistols. A punk rocker and a close friend who spent time with Strummer in his last days, Temple reveals the multi-faceted Strummer -- a punk icon, a diplomat''s son and a father of two daughters. The soundtrack is propelled by an energetic mix of Clash songs, and the film never lose its rhythm or pace through deft cross editing of animation, film and home video footage, concert recordings and images from Strummer''s own drawings. Some scenes of particular interesting include the opening shot of Strummer singing the early Clash hit, and a campfire interview with family members and friends. A rare and honest documentary for punk rock fans and music lovers.

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Julien Temple

Born in 1953, Julien Temple is an English film, documentary and music video director. He began his career with films featuring the Sex Pistols, and has continued with various off-beat projects. In 1999, he directed The Filth and the Fury, his second feature film on the Sex Pistols, and premiered at Sundance Film Festival and the 50th Berlin Film Festival. 

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