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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Last Concert
Korea | 2007 | 55min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


In December of 2006, Shin Jung-hyun, the godfather of Korean rock music, suddenly announces his retirement and holds his final concert. Shin taught himself guitar in the early 50’s and debuted on stage at a US Army club in 1955. Since then, he has been a living legend with numerous hit songs like ‘A Woman in Rain’, ‘A Cup of Coffee’, ‘Before It Is Too Late’, ‘Sergeant Kim from Vietnam’, ‘A Petal’, ‘Beautiful Woman’ and ‘Wonderful Country.’ Director Kang Yun-sung, who previously worked on music videos and a feature film < Please Teach Me English>, interweaves interviews of Shin’s 3 sons, who are also musicians, of other musicians, and of Shin himself in order to explore the musical world of this great artist. We can hear Shin’s vivid testimony on how he began his career, his marihuana scandal, his rough relations with Korea’s past military governments, as well as his critique on the current Korean music scene where genuine musicians find it hard to survive. The film also features Shin’s most famous songs played in various live performances ? an extra pleasure for his fans.

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Kang Yun-sung

Born in Seoul, Korea, 1971. Kang studied at Academy of Art College, San Francisco (MFA, Computer Animation) and Academy of Art University, San Francisco (MFA, Film Directing). His short films < Charlie Brown>(1996) and < Negative Image> (1998) were shown in several film festivals. He participated in several feature film productions and was working on a feature-length script, when he directed < Last Concert>.

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