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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Rolling Like a Stone
Sweden | 2005 | 65min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


In 1965, The Rolling Stones had a concert in Malmo, Sweden. The band members - Keith Richards, Brian Jones and Mick Jagger ? stayed with Ola Strom, a member of the Swedish band, Gonks. At Ola’s, the band members of Gonks and Namelosers often partied with the Stones. This film starts with footage shot on 8mm during that summer. 40 years later, Tommy Hansson, singer of Namelosers, is divorced and unemployed yet still has passion for rock music. With his old band members, he performs for the 40th anniversary of club Bongo, where they used to have gigs. After the gig, an unfortunate fate takes away the band’s bassist, Christer Nilsson, and Hansson, though in deep grief, searches for a new job. Meanwhile, Ola Strom, once known for his handsome appearance and called ‘every woman’s dream’, now leads a lonely life looking after his badminton player son. Mona Overdal, a former model, was at the party in 1965 and fell in love with Brian Jones, but she stayed in Sweden and now works as a stewardess. If she had held on to her love with Brian Jones, would he still be alive? This film is a portrait of people who led a passionate life in the 1960s but now fade away at their life’s dusk.

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Magnus Gertten, Stefan Berg

Stefan Berg, born in 1957, has been a rock musician and music video director. He has co-directed several documentaries with Magnus and Fredrik Gertten. Magnus Gertten, director and producer, previously tv- and radio journalist, has directed a number of highly praised documentaries for the Swedish national television, some of which were theatrically released. He has so far occupied himself mainly with stories from his own city, for instance the two films on the football team ‘Malmo FF’; < True Blue>(1998) and < True Blue 2> (2002). He is currently working on a trilogy of films about the city of Malmo - from a historic point of view - with dramatic life stories.

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