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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Voyage in G Major
France | 2007 | 54min | Documentary | Musical


Aime Helbing, was once a violinist but now has almost lost his hearing. He has been preparing a journey to Morocco for 40 years, reading a guidebook, taking notes and gathering information on Morocco. His wife, however, has persistently refused to go. 93-year-old Aime finally leaves for Morocco with his grandson, a filmmaker, who wants to help his grandfather realize his old wish and decides to film his grandfather lighthearted like a child waiting for a picnic. While his wife Alice looks back on her heartbreaking but happy young days as she listens to her husband’s music, Aime rediscovers a world and life throughout his journey to Morocco with its exotic landscape and he calmly reflects on his life’s lessons and lost opportunities. On the last night of the journey with his grandson, Aime chants that he has been hearing a melody since his arrival in Morocco. It is a precious journey that makes Aime feel a beautiful melody that changes the chord of his life from a gloomy minor to a cheerful major.

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Georgi Lazarevski

Georgi Lazarevski was born in Brussels in 1968. He is a well-traveled photographer who has published photographs in L’Express, VSD, Le Monde and Geo. His photographs are in museum and library collections. He has worked as a cinematographer on several features and directed several prize-winning documentary short films. < Voyage in G Major> is Lazarevski’s first documentary feature film.

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