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Wintersong: a Film on Dakota S
Switzerland | 2006 | 51min | Documentary | Musical


The documentary is a journey with Chris Hooson a singer-songwriter and guitarist of the Leeds-based indie rock band Dakota Suite that presents folk rock full of sorrow. On the journey in search of his musical origins, the camera traces him back to Everton F.C. Stadium where he watched football games in his childhood, and to Liverpool and Preston where his songs, life and every day matters take place. Hooson, who once attempted to commit suicide, visits prisoners, acts as a counselor and lives happily in the thought that this activity is more valuable than his music. The empty and desolate winter landscape in Northern Ireland linger a while along with Dakota Suite’s music and it lets you meld into the secret moment when a musician’s inner spiritual world and outer reality meet up with each other and music is finally drawn from silence. The documentary was on Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival’s official selection in 2006 and received a special mention at Vision du Reel Film Festival in Nyon.

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Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg

Pascal Hofmann Pascal Hofmann was born in 1977 in Chur, Switzerland. Majoring in Film Studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich , he worked as assistant to the cinematographer Pio Corradi for the feature-length documentary < Heimatklange> of Stefa Schwietert in 2005. < Wintersong> is their diploma film for the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich. Benny Jaberg Benny Jaberg was born 1981 in Baden. He studied film at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Zurich from 2003. In 2005, Hofmann received an internship at Swiss Television.