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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Heartbeat Detector
France | 2007 | 141min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


< Heartbeat Detector>, based on ‘La Question Humaine’, a novel by Francois Emmanuel, examines the profound question -- will an atrocity continue to haunt the present? No matter how much time has been passed? For 7 years in Paris, Simon has worked as a psychologist in the human resource department of a German petrochemical corporation where he''s in charge of staff selection. When management tells him to investigate Mathias, one of the factory’s executives, Simon’s perception goes disturbingly chaotic and cloudy when his investigation delves into the Nazi era. The people are inescapably involved in Holocaust, whether directly or indirectly, with their children the inheritors of the guilt of the former generation, and Simon who holds the power of destiny over employees in a free market system. By connecting Simon to the WWII war criminals, the film underscores its point of view that history keeps repeating itself and the Holocaust persists even today. Solid performances by Mathieu Amalric, Michael Lonsdale, Lou Castel are particularly noteworthy. Music by Schubert, the New Waver Ian Curtis and other techno sounds capture the characters’ multiple states of madness, anxiety, guilt and confusion -- sometimes even endangering Simon’s state of mind.

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Nicolas Klotz

Since beginning his career in 1987, Nicolas Klotz has directed several musical documentaries, including < Chants de sable et d'etoiles>(1996), and the features < La nuit Bengali> (1988) and < La nuit sacree> (1993). He has likewise directed several plays and video monographies about musicians such as Brad Mehldau, James Carter, Robert Wyatt and Ravi Shankar.

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