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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Heavy Metal Jr.
Scotland | 2005 | 24min | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Elliot, Paul, Michael, Liam and Grant are members of a heavy metal band called . Their music is loud and their hair is long. They also have an average age of 10. The film follows the band''s shambolic preparations for a large open air gig as they battle with their songwriting, their instruments, their parents and ultimately their own talent in a bid for rock glory.

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Chris Waitt

Chris Waitt was raised in Sweden. He initially moved into directing after a failed career as a rock star and quickly found himself obsessed with puppets and along with friend Henry Trotter created < Furry Avenue> ? an outrageous adult puppet film. Chris has worked in a wide variety of genres ? animation, documentary, drama and in particular comedy. Short; < Dupe>(2005), < How to Cope with Rejection>(2005), TV; < Fur TV>(2004) < St. Mathurin's School of Practical Joking>(2004).