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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Separately or Together
Korea | 2007 | 11min | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Mi-sing believes in sewing everything. Mr. Cutting believes in cutting everything. Though these two don''t like each other much at all, when drought strikes their town they will come to realize that they need to understand one another. < Separately or Together> is an animation piece that conveys the message that, in a modern society where every single person is searching for his or her identity, individuals and the community as a whole must learn to understand one another.

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Lee Ju-heui, Kim Young-min, Le

Lee Ju-heui, Kim Young-min and Lee So-heui graduated from Kaywon School of Art & Design. They made < Separately or Together> together under the support of KT&G’s Sangsang Madang.