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Unmade Beds
United Kingdom | 2009 | 93min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Axl, 20, has come to London to track down the father who abandoned him in childhood. When he discovers that his dad is a realtor with a new family, he poses as a student looking for an apartment. But as they view potential rentals, Axl finds himself increasingly trapped in the role he has created and unable to own up to the truth. Seeking escape from his dilemma, he plunges into London’s hip East End club scene and begins to forge an alternative family in the anarchic, vibrant squat where he takes up residence. Located in a sprawling industrial warehouse, the squat is also home to Vera. Whereas Axl wants to reclaim his identity, Vera is trying to lose hers after a painful heartbreak. So when she meets a charismatic stranger, she reveals nothing of herself as they embark on a sexy anonymous game. But their game is underscored by Vera’s growing sense that she may have found her soul-mate. But how long can they keep the game going before she risks losing her “xray man'? And if she abandons the game, will the romance survive? Although they share a home in the same building, Axl and Vera’s paths interweave but never quite meet. By turns playful and mysterious, romantic and poignant, their stories echo and contrast until they ultimately collide. Set against the vibrant background of London’s 21st century multi-cultural melting-pot, Unmade Beds is the second feature film for acclaimed director Alexis Dos Santos. 

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Alexis Dos Santos

Alexis Dos Santos made his name with his first film Glue, a tale of small town adolescents set in his native Argentina. It won 15 awards at film festivals, including the Young Jury Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and was selected to open the New York New Film New Directors Festival in 2007. He studied film in Buenos Aires and Barcelona before relocating to London in 1998, where he attended the National Film and Television School. Tutored by Stephen Frears, Santos wrote and directed several short films including Sand. In 2006, he was selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Cinefondation in Paris, where he worked on the screenplay for Unmade Beds.
: Soledad Gatti-Pascual Peter Ettedgui
: Fernando Tielve Deborah Francois
: Alexis Dos Santos Marianela Maldonad
: Jakob Ihre
Art director
: Kristian Milstead
: Olivier Bugge Coutte
: Valentina Brazzini
: Graham Daniel