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Courting Condi
USA | 2009 | 107min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


Can one man with a dream win the heart of the world’s most powerful woman? This is a documentary like none you have seen before -- the first musical docu-tragi-comedy in the history of cinema. Part Borat, part Fahrenheit 9/11, part Mamma Mia!, it follows a love-struck soul’s hilarious, emotionally engaging, and ultimately shocking quest to woo former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. A spin on the Rapunzel fairy-tale, this unique romantic/political/biographic feature follows Devin Ratray, a portly website designer, musician, former child actor (famed as Buzz in Home Alone), and besotted admirer of Condi, as he prepares to meet her. As Devin travels the country, learning more about the great lady from those who know her, Courting Condi tells the life story of one of our era’s most inspiring, enigmatic, and controversial figures. The film shows Dr. Rice’s positive sides - as a virtuoso pianist, a loyal friend and a successful scholar. She is a fearless warrior who obliterated the obstacles that society has raised against African American women. She is an iconoclastic American Dreamer who used determination and intelligence to fulfill her childhood ambition of reaching the White House. The film also reveals her tragic darkness. An only child, now orphaned, unmarried, childless, and with no significant relationship, she is afflicted with what Mother Teresa called “Man’s greatest poverty”: loneliness. This film is both timely and a classic love story, punctuated by timeless songs. It’s the first retrospective of the Bush Administration and will inspire audiences to laugh, sing and protest about the past eight years. 

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Sebastian Doggart

Studied social and political sciences at King’s College, Cambridge University. He began his career as a journalist in Latin America. After training as a drama director at Central School of Speech and Drama, he directed theater for eminent British companies. He moved into TV production, where he produced and/or directed for Bravo, Channel 4, TF1, Film Four and Channel 4. In 2000, he moved to the USA where he produced/directed major TV series including Project Runway. He has written one screenplay, three books and for numerous publications including < The Guardian>, < The Independent> and < The Sunday Telegraph>.
: Sebastian Doggart
: Devin Ratray Condoleezza Rice Carol Connors
: Sebastian Doggart
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