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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Frogs & Toads
Netherlands | 2009 | 75min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Six years old Max is sleeping over at his Granny’s for one night because his older brother Jannus has to go to hospital to have his tonsils removed. Jannus wants Max to bring him frog spawn in the hospital or he’ll never speak again. Max runs off from grandmother’s house to fulfil this mission and travels into nature to find frog spawn. On his way, Max runs into Jesse, a girl of his age who wants to become a veterinary nurse. Max tells her about his goal and Jesse decides to come with him. Together, these two children go from one adventure to the next: they encounter a caterpillar that walks funny, an orphan boy who teaches them to milk cows, a girl that plays with pigs and they even stand eye to eye with a fox and a deer! Above all of these, will Max and Jesse also succeed in finding frog spawn? 

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Simone van Dusseldorp

Born in 1967, Simone van Dusseldorp studied photography, directing and screenwriting in various schools. Her first short IT(2000) got the first prize at the Netherlands Film Festival and second short Exit(2001) was selected for Berlinale. After directing shorts and also TV series for children, she made a feature debut with Deep(2005) which got Best Film and Actress award in Geneva.
: Leontine Peti Joost de Vries
: Nino den Brave Whitney Franker Juul Vrijdag
: Simone van Dusseldorp
: Daniël Bouquet
: Wouter Jansen
: Arend Niks Wart Warmsteker
: Kees de Groot Peter Flamman