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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Made in Hungaria
Hungary | 2009 | 109min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Miki’s parents return to Communist Hungary from America in the mid sixties when everyone else is fleeing to the West. For young Miki, life under dictatorship is too tough. Miki’s old friends don’t know what to make of his outrageous clothes, American accent and Buddy Holly records. His childhood sweetheart is distant while local rock’n roll prince Röné is unmoved by Miki’s challenge. To make things worse, as Miki’s lewd music affects teenage girls, his father’s job is on the line. Now, not to play by the rules, Miki has no choice but to enter the local talent show.
István Tasnádi’s autobiography inspired play, written for Miklós Fenyo”’s songs, Made in Hungária was introduced in 2001. It became an instant hit and remains as a powerful draw, generating full house performances until now. Director Gergely Fonyó saw the show and became enamored of the idea of transforming the exciting story into a movie. The beginning of Miklós Fenyo”’s career is an imprint of an important historical period. Today the memory of this era is kept alive by expressions of humour, the popular hits of the rock and roll band, Hungaria and the authentic theatrical performance, dancing scenes, and period sets in the musical, Made in Hungaria. ​

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Gergely Fonyó

Born in 1966 in Budapest, Gergely Fonyo started his work in the film business as an assistant after his graduation from high school. Later he moved to Los Angeles to attend to the UCLA film academy. In 2000 Fonyo won the Grand Prize at the Hungarian film festival with his first feature film, Johnny Famous which he wrote, produced, and directed. Now back in Hugary, he has been directing TV shows and feature films. His films include Kill the Dentist! (2006), The Bright Wall (2007), and The Living History ? Domonkos Miksa (2008).
: Ádám Neményi
: Tamás Szabó Kimmel Tünde Kiss
: István Tasnádi
: Sándor Csukás
Art director
: Viktória Horváth Zsolt Nánássy
: Mano Csillag
: Miklós Fenyo”