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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Adventures in Listening - Kurt Masur
Canada, Brazil, Germany | 2008 | 56min | COLOR | Documentary


Kurt Masur, one of the world’s great Maestros, challenges and teaches the next generation of young musicians and conductors by stretching their limits and transforming their perspectives and abilities. “Sometimes silence can be like a shout,” he tells his students. “The ability to listen is the key of understanding the score.” Following master classes around the world over a period of few years, the film is a carefully constructed collage organically interweaving vignettes of the Maestro’s personal life juxtaposed with his music lessons and the inseparable connection between the two. The result is a comprehensive emotional portrait of one of the most respected conductors of our time. The film accompanies Masur on this personal journey as he moves between different locations and cultures. We travel from a masterclass that takes place in Breslau(Wroclaw) Poland, to Brieg - a short distance from Masur’s beloved childhood home; and from Campos De Jordao Brazil, to New York’s Manhattan School of Music each time capturing intimate moments with unprecedented access to the great Maestro. Adventures in Listening - Kurt Masur captures the mysterious power of the Conductor and the psychology and emotional depth of the art of conducting — the magical authority that connects music with musicians and audiences worldwide in a timeless and masterful fusion. 

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Amit Breuer

Amit Breuer is an Israeli-Canadian Award-winning documentary producer-director and the founder of Amythos Films, an independent company producing provocative and commercial films within the international market since 1992. In 2002, Breuer received the prestigious Israeli Arts Council Award for cinema art recognizing her body of work’s significant contribution to domestic documentary cinema. She is also a three-time winner of the Israeli Academy Award and a recipient of the Joris Ivens Award. In 2004, she emigrated from Israel to Canada and is currently resides in Toronto. She is the cofounder/co-programmer of the Toronto Israeli Palestinian Film festival Voices Forward and has worked as a programmer for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival since 2005.
: Amit Breuer Claudio Khans
: Kurt Masur
: Amit Breuer Rebecca Yogev
: Nurith Aviv Nyika Jancso Danae Elon
: Rebecca Yogev
: Lia Pereira Camargo Holger Berg