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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Americans in Pyongyang
Germany | 2008 | 53min | COLOR | Documentary


In summer 2007, North Korea, the world’s most isolated and secluded country and technically at war with the United States, invited the New York Philharmonic to play in the capital of Pyongyang. Just a few months later, 200 orchestra members and more than 100 journalists disembarked from a chartered plane at Pyongyang’s airport. They were about to experience a historic moment, the first-ever performance by an American orchestra in North Korea. The film accompanies the orchestra members on their historic trip to Pyongyang and shows that music has no borders and that it can penetrate and melt the hearts, and unite people.

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Ayelet Heller

Ayelet Heller worked in Film / Video Production on the TV show Life on the Edge: West Bank Settlers. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel and directed The Unpromised Land (1992), The World of Dance (1993), Ephraim Kishon-Yavoc Cohen, It Isn’t a Funny Film (1994), Strawberry Fields (2006) and many others.
: Paul Smaczny Thomas Baer
: New York Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lorin Maaze
: Michael Boomers
: Steffen Herrmann
: Andreas Köppen Toine Mertens Manuel Fischer