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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Sergeant Keroro the Super Dupe
Japan | 2009 | 77min | 35mm | COLOR | Animation


Sergeant Keroro is left behind when the rest of the troop is dispatched around the world to investigate strange arches that have appeared here and there. Among them, Tamama and Nara stay at the mansion of Nara’s old friend Sion. Sion, who has been lonely ever since the loss of both parents, mysteriously declares that a new family will be formed. That very night, Tamama goes missing and so does the rest of the troop. Keroro and Uju, Hanbyul sense something strange is happening and goes to France and they see a strange dragon flying in the sky… What’s waiting for Keroro’s troop and the Blue Earth?
Sergeant Keroro, adapted from Yoshizaki Mine’s cartoon, has started season 5 on TV animation and Sergeant Keroro the Super Duper Movie: Dragon Wars is the fourth movie. Subtitled ‘Save the Keroro’s troop and save the Blue Earth!’, the movie depicts dangerous adventure of Keroro’s troop trying to save both the endangerd troop members and the Blue Earth, inducing excitement with the greatest scale ever and powerful characters. Back with fantastic story, images and charm, Sergeant Keroro the Super Duper Movie: Dragon Wars would give the whole family a chance to laugh and have fun together. ​

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Yamaguchi Susumu

Yamaguchi Susumu worked as an animator for < Gundam> series. He has been working with Sato Junichi, the chief director of HAL Film Maker, since Sergeant Keroro the Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess.
Art director
: Tajiri Kenichi
: Itabe Hiroaki
: Suzuki Saeko