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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Trumpets'' Republic
Italy | 2006 | 48min | COLOR | Documentary


Gucˇa, a village of 5,000 inhabitants in Central Serbia enjoys an extreme popularity in the Balkans. At some 150 km from Belgrade, every August for the last 48 years a festival has been held: the Sabor Trubacˇa, the biggest competition for Brass Orchestras in the world. The film tells the story of the Gucˇa’s festival but also wants to explain the deep relation between Serbs and the trumpet. The film follows the daily life of Gvozden Rosic‘, a peasant of Rti, a village 5 km from Gucˇa. Gvozden, chief of a local orchestra, in 2001 won the prize for the Best Trumpet. In Rti we see Gvozden and his group in an impressive funeral, in the way it is still celebrated only in some parts of Serbian province: the tractor tows a cart with the coffin on it along the small way that clambers from the house of the deceased up to the village cemetery. In front of the procession stand the cross and some cakes, just behind them Gvozden’s orchestra. At the end of the funeral all the participants eat and drink on the grave of the deceased.
As seen from Gvozden’s case, the trumpet has a deep relation with Serbians. In Serbia trumpets play when children are born. They are also played for their baptism, when boys leave to do their military service, when they get married and when they move to their new house. They are played in the feasts where people dance and sing, but they also play in funerals: trumpet music accompanies the deceased also in his last trip. Not surprisingly, the trumpet became an emotional part of the life of Serbian people. ​

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Alessandro Gor

Alessandro graduated from ‘Ca’ Foscari’ University in Venice with the major in Foreign Languages and Literatures. As freelance journalist, since 1994 he has published in 15 countries pictures and reportages in 10 languages about different subjects including the politics and cinema among others. With a friend he translated the < First travel guide to Serbia> into Italian.​

Stefano Missio

Born in Udine in 1972, Stefano studied cinema at Sorbonne, Paris and he graduated from Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome in 1997. He has made various documentaries in film and digital which have been presented at numerous film festivals around the world. His last work, Che Guevara - The Body and the Legend (2007), was broadcasted in 12 different countries.
: Stefano Missio
: Dimitrije Golemovic‘ Nikola Stojic‘ Orkestra ‘Gvozdena Rosic‘a’
: Stefano Missio Alessandro Gori
: Stefano Missio
: Stefano Missio Marco Perez
: Alessandro Gori