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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Princess of Africa
Spain | 2008 | 76min | COLOR | Documentary


Princess of Africa introduces the audience to two different princesses and their dreams. Marem is a 14-year-old girl from Senegal who studies dance and dreams of performing in Europe when she is older. Sonia is a professional dancer from Spain who is fascinated by African culture and creativity, and desires to experience an African lifestyle. The two women are by connected in Pap Ndiaye, a master griot (musician) who splits his time between Senegal and Europe. Marem is his daughter, and Sonia has just married Pap in Spain. Both women will find their dreams in the course of the film but each at a price.
When Sonia arrives in Africa, she finds the vibrant colors and rhythms that have inspired her performances are intact, but she is faced with the realization that she is not the only wife of Pap Ndiaye. In fact, she is his third wife and she must come to terms with her expectations of marriage in an African society. Marem sees the other side of the coin. Her vision of Europe is utopian and the actual visit is a surprising revelation for her. A celebrated portrait of African life, is a beautiful documentary that is full of love between people and ideas while sharing an intoxicating vision of the way music and dance are woven into the cultural aesthetic. ​

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Juan Laguna

Director, screenwriter, composer and producer, Juan Laguna was born in Madrid in 1980. In 2002 he produced, co-wrote and co-directed his first documentary, Bereberia (2002), with Julian Franco, for Spanish Television (TVE). Princess of Africa, his third documentary, has won numerous awards at international film festivals such as New York African Film Festival, Malaga Spanish Film Festival, and Festival des Films du Monde in Montreal.
: Juan Laguna
: Mareme Ndiaye Sonia Sampayo Pap Ndiaye
: Juan Laguna
: Borja Pozueco Gabriel Molera Raúl Bartolomé Hugo Herrera
: Juan Laguna
: Manu Sanz Juan Laguna
: Pedro Valero