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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Korea | 2008 | 97min | HD | COLOR | Drama


Yeon-joo and Gae-young are the closest of friends, having been members of the same choir for seven years. Then there’s Seo-young, whose mother expects her to make up for her father’s failures. The choir is the only place she can actually breathe freedom. To these girls, a solo audition finds its way. Seo-young wins the solo spot for an upcoming competition. But her mother refuses to allow her to invest any more time into the choir, and she pulls her daughter out of the program altogether. Seo-young’s departure leaves Yeon-joo and Gaeyoung, who had tied for second place, competing for the spot. The teachers eventually choose Yeon-joo for the solo and Gae-young – her brimming expectations replaced by disappointment – finally manages to congratulate her friend. While in a practice room, Gae-young happens to overhear a conversation between Yeon-joo and a voice teacher. Believing the teacher had conspired to give the role to Yeon-joo from the beginning, Gae-young is overwhelmed with a sense of betrayal that makes her shudder. The choir members catch wind of rumors of the alleged conspiracy. The next day at practice, they bombard Yeon-joo with accusatory questions. As if being chased, Yeon-joo abruptly quits the choir. With her and Seo-young gone, the choir’s mood is unsettled and the day of competition arrives. On the day of the competition, the choir’s turn is fast-approaching, but soloist Gae-young is nowhere to be found. 

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Park Jae-hyun

Born in 1968, Park Jae-hyun graduated from Chung-Ang University with a major in Theatre and Film studies. He stepped into the film industry as an assistant director for Kim Seonghong on Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes and made his feature debut with Legend of Gingko in 2000. He has since directed How to Keep My Love and Oollalla Sisters. YOU and YOU is his personal dream-come-true project as he has always gladly lent his expertise to the direction and presentation of choral performances. It is also the outcome of his promise to the members of the choir that he would “help your voices be heard by more people.”
: An Eun-mi Choi I-young
: Park Yeon-joo Choi Gye-young Park Seo-young
: Park Jae-hyun
: Park Jae-hyoung
: Kim Mi-young
: Hwang Sang-jun Lee Hyun-chul Ryoo Hyeong-uk
: Kim Seok-won Kim Chang-seop

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