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Charlie Haden - Rambling Boy
Switzerland | 2009 | 86min | Documentary


Long revered among the all-time great jazz bassists, Charlie Haden has gone on to make essential contributions to a wide spectrum of genres: avant-garde, small ensemble, big band, world music, folk and gospel. This new documentary from award-winning Swiss-born filmmaker Reto Caduff offers an absorbing chronicle of Haden’s life and work-as an instrumentalist, composer, bandleader, educator, political activist and family man. A member of Ornette Coleman’s incomparable quartet in the 1960s, Haden has since led his own Quartet West and the larger Liberation Music Orchestra, collaborating along the way with jazz giants Carla Bley, Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny and many others. The most recent album from the CalArts Jazz Program founder is the Grammy-nominated ‘Rambling Boy’, a collection that harkens back to Haden’s early days playing Americana and bluegrass on his parents’ radio show. 

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Reto Caduff

Born in Zurich, Reto Caduff started with designing record covers, posters and fanzines for local bands in his teens and launched the record company ‘Lux Noise’ at the age of 18. Caduff moved on to work as host for Swiss National Radio and subsequently became a producer and director at Swiss Television in Zurich. His award-winning film on the 80’s hard rock legends ‘Krokus’ won the 2004 Zurich Film Award for best film. He is also codirector of the award winning documentary A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash> that was shown at over 30 international festivals and aired on the Sundance Channel.
: Reto Caduff Laurin Merz
: Charlie Haden
: Reto Caduff
: Daniel Pfisterer
: Barbara Landi
: Charlie Haden
: Peter Staubli