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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

Dancing Zoo
Korea | 2009 | 118min | HD | COLOR | Drama


Joon-soo enjoys playing the songs he writes on the ukulele at the zoo. Hee-jung wanders around at the zoo after breaking up with Gi-seok, who was also a session guitarist in her band. One bright spring day, these two lonely musicians encounter each other in front of some monkeys at the zoo, feeling like they’ve known each other a long time. Joon-soo, who came to Seoul to be a musician, joins Hee-jung’s band, playing guitar, and they slow fall in love with each other. They move in together, share their own memories, do gigs at a live club, and listen to music at their regular record shop. They seem to be together forever, but the relationship slowly starts to fall apart as Joon-soo gets dissatisfied with only being a session guitarist in Hee-jung’s band and is more eager to do his own music. One night at the club, Joon-soo plays on his own without Hee-jung’s accord, which hurts her feelings badly. Back at home they fight severely over dinner and Joon-soo moves out of Heejung’s house. Six months of living together ends abruptly due to one evening’s fight. 

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Kim Hyo-jeong

Born in 1978, Kim Hyo-jeong started filmmaking since her days at Hanyang University. She continued her study at Korean Academy of Film Arts. Her short film Rabbit and Bear (2005) was screened and awarded at many festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, Sao Paolo and London Film Festival.

Park Sung-yong

Born in 1979, Park Sung-yong studied film at Hanyang University. He has been working on many films and TV Dramas as assistant director including Beyond the Years by director Im Kwon-taek. Since his first short film Riders on the Storm in 1999, he has made many shorts including The Rain and Weird Spring. Dancing Zoo is their directorial debut feature film.​

: O Pil-jin
: Han Hee-jeong Mongoo
: Kim Hyo-jeong
: Park Sung-yong
Art director
: Choi Jun-young
: Park Sung-yong Kim Hyo-jeong
: Mongoo Han Hee-jeong