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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Yeong-Ja’s Heydays
Korea | 1975 | 103min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Returning from the Vietnam War, Chang-su, a scrubber, runs into Young-ja at the police station. Three years ago, Chang-su, an iron foundry worker, met housemaid Young-ja. He fell in love with her, and proposed before leaving for Vietnam. However, while he is gone, Young-ja is exploited by the boss's son and kicked out. After working in a bar, Young-ja becomes a bus conductor, loses one of her arms in a traffic accident and becomes a prostitute. Chang-su tries to save her, but she leaves him for the sake of his future. After several years, Chang-su discovers Young-ja living happily with her husband, wishes her happiness and departs. 

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Kim Ho-sun

Born in 1941. He led the "Visual Age" movement along with director Ha Kil-jong during the decline of the Korean film industry in the 1970s, revitalizing Korean cinema. He debuted with < Hwannyeo>(1974) and in 1975, directed his most famous works, < Yeong-Ja''s Heydays>(1975) and < Winter Woman>(1977). It was through the success of this film that the korean film industry became newly invigorated. Afterward, he made < Admiration of Nights>(1979),< Seoul Rainbow>(1989) and < Death song>(1991).
: Kim Tai-soo
: Yeom Bok-sun Song Jae-ho Choi Bool-am
: Kim Ho-sun
: Jang Seok-jun
Art director
: Kim Yu-jun
: Yu Jae-won
: Jung Sung-jo
: Lee Jae-woong

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