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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Just Kidding
Korea | 2008 | 85min | COLOR | Drama


Five young guys have been dying to play music for a living. There are Hucheck and Pazama Zingo, who made a successful debut in the music business by winning the first prize at the Music Festival for University Students; then there’s Shukaka who happens to be selected as their drummer after meeting them when he returns their guitar which he accidentally found on the subway; and finally there are Jonny Kim and Heavy Porter who were encouraged to join the band by Manager Gu who had been much impressed by their music and passion and volunteered to be their manager. That’s how the five members got together. And they have one man by them as a fan and manager. After many ups and down, they are united together under the name ‘SuperKidd’. Playing, and singing excitedly on stage, was all they wanted to. But, they still have a long way to go. Other than music, they also need to eat, sleep and find time to meet their girlfriends suffering from depression. Faced with a harsh reality, they don’t have an answer to all the mounting issues. Even if they are crazy about music, it is not always possible for them to sacrifice everything for it. 

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Lee Moo-young

Lee Moo-young has been famous as filmmaker, scriptwriter as well as pop columnist and has been involved in many cultural activities. He was first known as the scriptwriter for Born to Kill (1996, dir. Jang Yoon-hyun), JSA: Joint Security Area (2000, dir. Park Chanwook), and Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (2002, dir. Park Chan-wook) and made his directorial debut with Humanist in 2001. After his first film with music theme, Like Father, Like Son in 2008, Lee realized his dream to tell a true story about rock band by making Just Kidding. 
: Kim Hyo-jeung
: Superkidd
: Lee Moo-young
: Kim Jong-yun
: Kim Chang-ju
: Goo Tae-hoon Superkidd
: Lee Seung-yeop