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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Go Go 70’s
Korea | 2008 | 118min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


The 1970s of Korea was the dark ages of military autocratic regime as well as an era of revolutionary upheaval of pop culture led by energetic youth. After wandering the shabby clubs of a U.S. military campside town, singer Sang-kyu and a guitarist Man-sik forms a rock group ‘Devils’ with four other members. They enter a rock band contest and make a strong impression with their shocking yet amusing performance. Devils achieve stardom playing at a club called ‘Nirvana’. Mimi, a groupie who followed Devils from the town, also becomes an icon with her dance moves and fashion. However, their heydays don’t last long as they lose one of the members to a fire at the club. To make matters worse, clubs are faced to be shut down due to oppressive rule of military dictatorship, which will fundamentally take away their chances to sing. Despite all the despair, Sang-kyu plans another passionate concert for the Devils. 

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Choi Ho

After studying filmmaking at Chung-Ang University, Choi Ho pursued his graduate studies in cinema in Paris, 8th University. His feature debut Bye June (1998) and second film Who Are You (2001) were both recognized for the accurate portrayal of contemporary Korean youth. And his third feature film Bloody Tie (2006) was well-received by the critics and also achieved a success at the box. In Go Go 70’s, which is the result of his long time passion for the music since his school days playing at the band, the director once again confirms his brilliant talent by shooting the stage scenes in the film 100% live performed and recorded.
: Shim Bo-kyoung
: Cho Seung-woo Shin Min-a Cha Seung-woo
: Choi-ho
: Kim Byoung-seo
Art director
: Cho Keun-hyun
: Kim Sang-bum Kim Jae-bum
: Bang Jun-suk
: Kim Suk-won Kim Chang-sub