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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Going against Fate
Switzerland | 2008 | 80min | COLOR | Documentary


The documentary Going against Fate follows the American conductor David Zinman and the Tonhalle-Ochestra Zurich during rehearsals, concerts and the recording of Gustav Mahler’s 6th Symphony. The central character of the film is the charismatic David Zinman who takes us through the film, providing both content information and an emotional connecting thread. His narration of Mahler’s private life gives us insight into the emotional and musical world of the eminent composer. At the same time, we look behind the scenes and witness how conductor and orchestra interact on their journey towards the finished recording, as they unravel the secret of a musical masterpiece: the symphony.
In many ways, Gustav Mahler’s music expresses his searching, tinged with self-doubt, and his longing to explore the most remote areas of the human soul. The problematic existence of mankind was on his mind for his entire life and an ever inspiring, powerful source of his creativity. Every new piece of work was a further attempt to find an answer. The 6th Symphony, called ‘Tragic’, is his most autobiographical and personal work. The film conveys Zinman’s intense closeness to Mahler’s emotional universe and takes the audience on a powerful visual and aural journey into the world of sounds. ​

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Viviane Blumenschein

Born in 1969 in Lower Saxony, Germany, Viviane Blumenschein is an award-winning screenwriter and director. She studied Culture and Media at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. With her film debut Dance for All(2007), she won several awards. She has a fine expertise in music documentaries. Now she lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
: Susann Henggeler
: David Zinman Members of the Tonhalle- Orchestra Zurich
: Viviane Blumenschein Elena Bromund
: Frank Griebe Alberto Venzago
: Oli Weiss
: Frank Kruse