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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Korea | 2008 | 126min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Old-fashioned Soon-yi marries into a family in country. Her only pleasure in boring quotidian life is to sing a song in front of the village ladies. Her mother-in-law forces her to pay a visit every month to her husband serving his military service, but he does not show any affection or appreciation whatsoever. And one night much drunk, he asks her if she loves him at all. Unable to answer his question, Soon-yi comes back home and calls on him the next month only to find out that he had volunteered to transfer to Vietnam. His mother yells at her to take her back his only son and Soon-yi decides to go to Vietnam to find him not even knowing where to locate him. But it’s not easy for a country girl to find ways to go to the country where the war is on fire. Soon-yi gets to meet with the gang of Jung-man, and she joins Jung-man’s band who will be performing for the restless soldiers in Vietnam, only because it’s the only means to take her to where her husband is. With her new name Sunny, she is about to hit the road to head to the land where the gunfire and the flame of war are all that you can see… 

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Lee Jun-ik

Lee Jun-ik has been working in the Korean film industry since 1987. He established his own production company, CineWorld, after directing hit comedy Kid Cop. He has since produced diverse and popular set of films ranging from The Spy, The Anarchists to Let’s Play Dharma. In 2005, he made his directorial comeback with the landmark film King and the Clown, which became a huge success, scoring over 12 million admissions in Korea. His filmography includes Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield (2003), Radio Star (2006) and The Happy Life (2007).
: Cho Chur-hyun
: Su Ae Jung Jin-young Uhm Tae-woong
: Choi Suk-hwan
: Na Seung-young
Art director
: Yoon Sang-yoon
: Kim Sang-bum Kim Jae-bum
: Bang Joun-suk Lee Byung-hoon
: Lim Hyung-geun

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