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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

A Better Tomorrow on the Stree
Korea | 2008 | 62min | COLOR | Documentary


Performing on the streets takes a lot of guts and there’s also the expertise required to make it proper. It’s not a common culture in Korea as it’s in European countries but there are some brave ones out there making the original performances of their own, at reserved places. The film follows the independent band ‘A Better Tomorrow’, of which the guitarist is the director himself, at their street gigs and at the unexpected situations that the band encounters while they continue to perform on the streets.

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Yoo Min-kyou

Born in Seoul in 1981, he studied filmmaking at Yong In University. After his first short film Mother in 2001, he has made several shorts and music videos. A Better Tomorrow on the Street (2008) is his first feature length film and he also plays guitar at the band with the same name as the film title.
: A Better Tomorrow Portable Lollipop Cabinet Singalongs
: Yoo Min-kyou
: A Better Tomorrow