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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Sogyumo Acacia Band’s Story
Korea | 2009 | 87min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


The Sogyumo Acacia Band is a duo band composed of Min-hong and Eun-jie. Their sentimental melodies and lyrics have been very popular in Korea, allowing the band to keep on going up to now. The band begins a group project by inviting freelance members to participate for more diverse musical activities. One of them Yozoh, debuts through the Sogyumo Acacia Band and becomes very popular, causing Min-hong and Eun-jie to have conflicts, especially regarding Yozoh’s presence and her role in their band. They doubt whether their current music is what they had originally pursued. This documentary film tries to capture these Korean musicians’ life and music with society surrounding them at the same time. Focusing on their emotional reaction to given situations and the everyday struggle to do what they really want to, it tries to represent them in a more broad social context. 

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Min Hwan-ki

Born in 1968. Professor in Film Dept. at Chung-Ang Univerity. He graduated from Korea University with Metallurgical engineering major and studied at Korean Academy of Film Arts. He received MA in film theory from Chung-Ang Univ. and MFA in Film/Video from CalArts(California Institute of the Arts). His short films include Here to Here (2000), Los Angeles: A Graveyard (2001), and a documentary Play It Again which was screened at Pusan International Film Festival.
: Lee Choong-jik
: Kim Min-hong Song Eun-jie Yozoh
: Yun Pu-hui Lee Yu-bin Min Hwan-ki
: Lee Yu-bin
: Sogyumo Acacia Band
: Kim Won