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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Pop Redemption
France | 2012 | 94min | DCP | COLOR | Drama


Childhood friends Alex, JP, Pascal and Eric have been running a metal band, Dead Macabés for 15 years although without caring about what others think. As they turn in their 30s, all the members except for Alex have gradually lost their interest in the band. It is when confl icts between members deepen that Alex declares that the band is to join ‘Hellfest’, the dream stage for metal musicians. The chance to stand on the same stage with the best metal artist Dozzi Cooper was originally given to another band, but they will replace them. In the middle of the way to ‘Hellfest’, they encounter an unexpected situation because of excessive passion of Alex. They somehow are forced to play The Beatles, who they have looked down on, at a strawberry festival in a remote town. Upon the crisis of breaking up, will the band members cope with the problem and succeed to stand on the stage at ‘Hellfest’? Pop Redemtion, the feature debut of Martin Le Gall, is an exciting film that delicately crosses between metal and pop, comedy and tragedy, and also past and present to show the passion of the protagonists into music. In this road movie about the journey to ‘Hellfest’, a heavy metal festival held in Nates, France, the director presents his excellent knowledge about music by pasquinading the prejudice about black metal, known as ‘satanic music’ to the public and inserting homage to The Beatles here and there. The lead actor Julien Dore playing Alex actually proves his talent in not only acting but also music by singing most of the sound tracks. 

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Martin Le Gall

Born in Rouen, France in 1975, Martin Le Gall graduated 3IS film school in 2001, when he received highlight with Diva et Pianiste and started working with Les Films d’Avalon. He then released short fi lms, Pompier! in 2003 and Jogging Category in 2009. Last year, he directed his fi rst feature fi lm, Pop Redemption. He was inspired by a commercial poster he saw on Euro Star. Franck Lebon, a partner he has worked since he was making short films, took care of the music. Le Gall always pivots around music and shifts back and forth between comedy and tragedy. He is currently working on his next fi lm, Bigoudene.
: Axel Guyot, Philippe Braunstein, Leonard Glowinski
: Julien Dore, Gregory Gadebois, Jonathan Cohen, Yacine Belhousse
: Alexandre Astier, Mark Eacersall, Martin Le Gall
: Fred Nony
: Christophe Pinel, Nicolas Lossec
: Franck Lebon