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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Greetings from Tim Buckley
USA | 2012 | 103min | HD | COLOR | Drama


In 1991, a young musician named Jeff Buckley rehearses for his public singing debut at a Brooklyn tribute show for his father, the late folk singer Tim Buckley. Struggling with the legacy of a man he barely knew, Jeff finds solace in a relationship with a young woman working at the show. While they discover each other, the film also explores Tim’s 1960s heyday, as he drives cross-country with a girlfriend and finds himself. < Greetings from Tim Buckley > is a poignant portrait of a father and son who were each among the most beloved singer-songwriters of their respective generations.

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Dan Algrant

Dan Algrant attended Harvard University where he studied the sociology and psychology of american religion, then followed that with an MFA at Columbia University’s film division. His earlier films were Naked In New York and People I Know. Both films premiered at the Sundance film festival. Dan has also directed the documentary Anything For Jazz about piano legend Jaki Byard. Greetings from Tim Buckley is Dan Algrant's third feature film. 
: Patrick Milling Smith, John N. Hart, Fred Zollo
: Penn Badgley, Imogen Poots
: Dan Algrant, Emma Sheanshang, David Brendel
: Andrij Parekh
: Bill Pankow
: Dave Paterson