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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song
New Zealand | 2013 | 100min | COLOR | Drama


Set against the backdrop of a hot summer at the Verona campground, two kids from feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets, notice each other for the first time. With naivety, they put aside all their parents cannot and discover they alone can turn their households' rancour to pure love. Falling madly for each other, two kids enlist the help of Friar, the campground vagabond, who weds them in a secret ceremony. But, before Romeo and Juliet can announce their marriage, events set them on a path that tests. This trailer-park rock opera is Shakespeare's original language reworked as an innovative musical score for a new generation. 

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Tim Van Dammen

After graduating top of his Masters class at Auckland University, he has become NZ’s most prolific music video director working with every top New Zealand artist. Since then Tim has made several other music videos (over 140) through his production company ‘Blur and Sharpen’ and written, produced and directed his first feature film Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song. 
: Michael O'Neill, Peter Van Der Fluit, Alastair Carruthers
: Christopher Landon, Derya Parlak
: Michael A.J. O'Neill, Peter Van Der Fluit, Tim Van Dammen
: Tim Flower
: Jonno Woodford-Robinson
: Michael O'Neill, Peter Van Der Fluit