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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

A Film about Kids and Music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band
Spain | 2012 | 101min | DCP | Documentary


‘Kids and Music’ is a project arising from a music class. The big band brings together children between 6 and 18 years old, around a classical jazz repertoire with lots of swing, which gained the public. This documentary is a journey led by the orchestra director, which immerses us in a unique teaching method as unique as the results it unveils. A story that will thrill us with these kids’ staging talent and touch us through all sort of sensations that only they are able to bring to life. On this journey they are joined by Jesse Davis, Terell Stafford and Wycliffe Gordon that feed the spirit of young talent careers as Elsa, that with only 6 years old plays trumpet like an angel.

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Ramon Tort

Since 2004 he has been professionally engaged to audiovisual direction, founding the ‘divinoconcepto’ collective. His professional activity focuses on publicity and documentation of art processes. In 2006 he decided to focus on making documentaries and started personal projects with the aim of finding a personal communicative language. Towards the end of 2010 started shooting A Film About Kids and Music. Sant Andreu Jazz Band, after being amazed by this orchestra. 
: Jordi Canchales, Ramon Tort, Borja Duno
: Joan Chamorro, Montse Jorba
: Borja Duno Aixerch, Ramon Tort
: Ramon Tort, Toni Galito
: Ramon Tort, Jordi Canchales
: Various Artists
: Pep Roig, Alex Candela, ‘Flow-Audio''