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제15회 제천국제음악영화제

TaeGukGi: Brotherhood of War
Korea | 2004 | 145min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Jin-tae shines shoes in the streets of Jongno, hoping to save money to send his younger brother, Jin-seok to university, and get married with his fi ancee. One day in June, extras saying a war had started fl y about in the streets, and Seoul which had been so peaceful, is suddenly fi lled with the sounds of sirens and screams. Jin-tae and Jin-seok were rolled in Korean civil war and without ever getting any proper training, the two are sent to Nakdong River, the last frontline. Jin-tae was turning into a war hero just to save his younger brother, while Jin-seok realizes that if he was to survive the war, he had to become stronger. They head for Pyeongyang, where an unexpected fate awaits them.

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Kang Je-gyu

He was the script writer of Who Saw The Dragon’s Toenail? directed by Kang Woo-suk in 1990 when he fi rst entered the fi lm circle. His debut fi lm The Gingko Bed received complements saying it suggested a new format to Korean fi lm. Swiri, the fi lm he made in 1999, attracted 6 million viewers for the fi rst time in Korea and it brought him over 10 awards. He was one of ’50 People Moving Asia’ selected by Business Week. 
: Choi Jin-wah
: Jang Dong-gun, Won bin
: Kang Je-gyu
: Hong Kyung-pyo
: Park Gok-ji
: Lee Dong-june
: Lee Tae-gyu