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제16회 제천국제음악영화제

One Minute for Conductors
Spain/Italy | 2013 | 87min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


More than 130 young people from all over the world take part in a week-long, nerve-wracking competition to be crowned for the best conductor. The camera follows the preparation of five finalists, their disappointments and triumphs and above all, their love for music and the complex art of conducting a symphony orchestra. Even though they stand with their backs to the jury, the fact that all eyes are in them makes conducting a piece of classical music an epic struggle. The candidates all know that they only have one opportunity and few minutes to convince the jury members. They have strength, ability and charisma to become the greatest names for the future.

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Angel Esteban

In 2004, Angel co-directed his first documentary Arte Sella, and since then he worked as cinematographer and director in many TV and independent productions. He is also a documentary film teacher at Madrid University.

Elena Goatelli

Elena began working at Canal in 2000. Since then, she worked as documentarist in TV and independent productions. One Minute for Conductors was selected at IDFA and Best Music Documentary Film at Dock of the Bay.
: Elena Goatelli
: Angel Esteban, Elena Goatelli
: Sergio Ocana
: Antonio Frutos, Angel Esteban
: Haydn Orchestra
: Davis Espinosa, Fernando Pocostales