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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Waltz for Monica
Sweden | 2013 | 111min | DCP | COLOR | Drama


Monica, a young rebellious girl, leaves her small town in Sweden to become a singer. Beautiful and attractive, she makes a successful debut in Stockholm and enjoys her fancy life as a jazz singer in the golden era of jazz. However, the more famous she is, the more she starts to face gloomy reality hidden behind glamorous success. Her life starts to get unstable, and she starts to rely on alcohol from day to day. One day, she finds herself lying on the ground after an overdose of sleeping pills. Will she ever go back to her normal life? Waltz for Monica is a film based on a true story of Monica Zetterlund, a legendary jazz vocalist in 1960s Sweden. Edda Magnason, a singer, pianist and composer acts for the first time in her life, and wonderfully plays her part as Monica.

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Per Fly

Per Fly made his debut with The Bench(2000), the first movie of a trilogy, depicting the lives of lower, middle and upper classes in Denmark. The Bench received a Bodil Award and a Robert Award for Best Director. Inheritance(2003), a sequel showing the lives of Danish upper class, was the most attended film in Danmark in 2003. He won the award for Best Director at the Robert Awards, with the last film in the trilogy, Manslaughter(2005) and a Bodil Award for Best Film.
: Lena Rehnberg
: Edda Magnason, Sverrir Gudnason
: Peter Birro
: Eric Kress
: Asa Mossberg
: Magnus Palmborg
: Tobias Ronnertz

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